• Private sessions, customized for you and your dog
  • Quick mastering of all basic commands and ability to walk with a loose leash
  • Become the Leader in the eyes of your dog, gain his Trust and Respect and watch his behavior quickly change for the better
Oana Gonzalez - Dog Trainer

Oana Gonzalez, Dog Trainer,
based in San Ramon, CA,
serving clients in the East Bay


Dogs can be wonderful companions and friends, a constant source of joy and love. Yet, when untrained, they can also be a source of daily frustration.

Using a gentle yet effective method (no special devices/collars or treats as primary motivator), I can help you change the relationship you have with your dog and the way you communicate with him.

With a few simple drills and constancy of training, your dog can become not just a well-mannered dog, but also a balanced, happy, well-adjusted life partner.

  • Soja – my 18 months old happy, but at times anxious German Shepherd – and I, recently received the guidance of the intuitive Oana. The difference in behavior has improved measurably, as did the friendship between Soja and I. Thank you for your follow up calls and sharing your dog-whisperer like gifts. I understand my dog better than ever before”.

    Matvey Shapiro,
    a very satisfied customer