Private Dog Training Sessions

All sessions are private and take place either at my residence in San Ramon, CA or in a public venue (local park etc).

I am also available for training your dog myself (without you being present) after you take the introductory session.

Free initial phone assessment

20-30 mins
A brief walk-through what the training involves, an opportunity to answer any questions you might have, find out more about your dog and see if we are a good fit for one another.

Four session package option

Four training sessions spaced 1 or 2 weeks apart. First session lasts about 2 hours, subsequent sessions last 1 hour. In between sessions I am available for phone and email queries.

Individual sessions option

First session

$130 (2 hours)
This session covers all the basics of dog training and the 3 basic drills to practice with your dog.

Subsequent sessions

$90 (1 hour)
Follow-up sessions to review how the basic drills have worked for you and your dog, to correct any mistakes and to teach your dog additional skills.

The three basic drills

The three basic drills are easy to learn, they only take a couple of sessions to master. They change your relationship with your dog and teach a multitude of skills, such as:
  • leash walking without pulling
  • coming into a designated space (close!)
  • getting out of a designated space (out!)
  • staying in a designated place (stay)
  • calmness, confidence and patience
  • gentleness while playing with people
  • a clear understanding of what is being asked of them
  • looking to the owner for guidance before taking a decision
  • respect for boundaries
  • respect for owner and his requests
Please call me on 303.817.3480 to book a session and talk about your dog and training needs. Puppies are ready for training at about four months.

Address the root cause of all problems, the lack of leadership and the lack of trust and respect in relationship – and most problems disappear naturally. I can show you how to build this positive relationship with your dog.

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